Европейская Живопись

Живописные картины почётного члена Российской Академии Художеств, лауреата серебрянной и золотой медали РАХ — Елены Флёровой

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  1. добрый день-утро вечер Не рзбираюсь в живописи Сколько стоит картина Флеровой—ветренный день Благодарю

  2. Elena Nikolayevna this is Yasha, your Art student from NY. You invested so much into me. We use to sit on the couch as you thought me drawing examples and showing me
    Paintings of old master of classical art. The words flowed as a murmuring spring, real
    Feminine power. As you spoke you breathed wisdom on me and I breathed in and listened. It is my heartfelt intention, to reveal to you, still in this lifetime of what sort
    Of artist I have become. And may you, my Spiritual Mother have the rejoice in knowing
    How all your energy has grown and transformed into a being known as Kokoleka.
    I have actively looked for any contact with you in the pas years and now I found it.
    Wish to come to where you are now and show you my Art. We are connected in the light.

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