Еврейская Живопись

Живописные картины почётного члена Российской Академии Художеств, лауреата серебрянной и золотой медали РАХ — Елены Флёровой




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  1. Г-жа Елена Флёрова великая художница !!
    Её картины на еврейскую тематику исполнены великолепны и отражают
    суть взаимоотношений еврейского народа разных поколений.
    Хочу купить картину Елены Флеровой но не знаю куда обратиться.

  2. Елена Николаевна, добрый день
    Меня зовут Дмитрий .
    Скажите пожалуйста , можно ли купить у вас картины?

  3. Dear Ms. Flerova,
    My name is André Faria and I’m a great admirer of yours here from Curitiba, a city on southern

    Brazil. As filmmaker and director, I’m making a television film called «O Despertar de Solomon»

    (Solomon’s Awakening). It’s the story of a boy of jewish origin who, prior to his Bar-Mitzvah, loses his beloved mother, who dies from cancer. His faith becomes so strongly shocked, his revolt so devastating that he grows up to become a completely skeptical doctor (the profession that his mom so wished to him) alone and away from any spiritual vision of life. The film, going from the childhood in the jewish school, with his mom and friends, from the sad events to his present adulthood as a doctor, tells how, on a day when all seems to go wrong for Dr. Solomon, he meets a misterious woman and, through exceptional events, rediscovers his faith in the perenity of his mother’s love and in the spirituality of life, returning to religion and happiness.

    Knowing and admiring your paintings, my ideia was to introduce the film with a few of your scenes from

    the jewish life, in an effort to explore and amplify the bonds between a personal drama and a larger

    tradition. Thus, I came to ask your concession for the image use of a few of your paintings on

    the film’s presentation credits, which wil be shown in a few brazilian television channels and, hopefully, in jewish and non-jewish film festivals around the world, in an effort to spread the jewish culture in our country and worldwide.
    With your permission, we can submit a copy (via web) of the movie in the present state of post-production, to your appraisal.

    André Faria.

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